Carolina Buzio

illustrator and animator



Carolina Búzio is a freelance illustrator and animator currently based in Berlin, working with clients from all over the world. She was born and raised in Porto, Portugal, where she studied Communication Design at the Fine-Arts University. One year was spent abroad in Budapest (at MOME), where she published her first children’s book. When it was time to get an internship (a requirement to finish her degree), she joined bitteschö where she participated and animated in the feature film “The Congress”, by Ari Folman. Berlin was such a great city that she decided to stay and work as a freelancer from there (with the occasional temporary displacement to warmer climates, mainly in Winter).

If you have a project in mind or would like to discuss an idea, please contact at


Clients include Pinterest, Lego, Abrams Books, Usborne Publishing, Yoyo Books, Babbel, CardNest, Viewpoints BCN Magazine, Rundl, dasprogramm (among others).


“Gato das Botas” - by Csimota

“What’s that sound? Classical Music” - by Yoyo Books

“What’s that sound? Christmas” - by Yoyo Books

“Vivaldi, the four seasons (First Composers)” - by Yoyo Books

“Mozart, little musical wonder (First Composers)” - by Yoyo Books

“Bach, my first orchestra (First Composers)” - Yoyo Books

“Beethoven, my sweet symphony (First Composers)” - Yoyo Books