4 Disney Artists Paint One Tree

Found this and I’d like to keep it somewhere so that I can watch it again. Figured the blog would be a good place to do so!

A Whale of a Time

Whale of a Time by Carolina Buzio



Ever since I moved out of Porto (my hometown) I’ve been trying to keep in touch with my family and friends (a bit all throughout the world) by sending them cards and packages now and then… it just feels so much nicer and personal than an e-mail!

Last year, CardNest invited me to create 3 cards for their gorgeous exclusive collection and gave me the chance to try their service: if you’re a member (costs £7.5 a month inside the UK and £10 outside), every month you’ll receive a beautiful package (I mean it, look at that!) with 3 illustrated greeting cards for all sorts of situations… Which means it is now easier for me to always have pretty cards in hand when I need them!

(I actually kind of “stalk” a few of the illustrators they have collaborated with, so I suspect it will be hard to part with some of the cards… I’ll probably just add them to my inspiration wall at the studio)

Whale of a Time for CardNest By Carolina Buzio

All of this to tell you the third design I did for them, ,”Whale of a Time” will be sent to subscribers this month! If you’d like to receive it, subscribe before the end of February. (use the promo code CAROLINA50 to get 50% discount on your first month)

ps: if you’d like to see all three designs I did, check them in my portfolio.

St. Valentine’s Day


Daydreaming by Carolina Buzio

This year I was once more invited by Pinterest to make an animated gif for Valentine’s Day… I think I’ve been daydreaming of desert islands and doing nothing/reading/relaxing under the sun, and I had to get it out of my system ;)

Planes, Trains and Autokinetics

Planes, Trains and Autokinetics by Carolina Buzio


Leigh Tran invited me to participate in a really interesting project organised by her, An Illustrated Mixtape: music to look at, pictures to listen to. Sound inspires art, art inspires text, and the three are connected by one idea, a theme, a story, a moment that comes from a mixtape left for interpretation and a few lines hinting at a story. The final result is a sort of syneasthesia, where only the combination of the three parts will give you the full picture.

To listen to the songs and read the poem, go here.


Exhibition in Brooklyn


Awesome people in Brooklyn! You have until the 6th of February to check out a really nice exhibition/shop full of artwork in all sorts of formats and mediums. I have four pieces for sale there (can you spot them in the picture?).

About Glamour + AG Gallery
107-A North 3rd Street
Brooklyn, NY 11249

Let me know if you go there, I’d love to know your thoughts about it. :)

My (very late) New Year’s resolutions

Warning: long post ahead!

Last year I gave little thought to the New Year’s resolutions, but this year I was a bit low and had to take the extra time to think and get excited about the new year that is just starting.

But first, shall we see how last year’s resolutions went?

1- Open an online shop – Check!

2- Redo and update my website - Kind of check (I end up neglecting my portfolio for the second half of the year)

3- Draw more and paint more with traditional materials (and not just digital) – Went well… in the first month. Then I somehow managed to avoid it and then feel guilty the whole year.

4- Stop biting my nails (as usual…) – I’m proud to say I reduced this habit to 10%! (being that 10% my pinkie finger from the left hand…) Since it’s now back at 50%, I’ll have to keep this one as well.


So besides 3 and 4 (who will have to be on the list again this year), what else shall I add for 2015?

1- Have more self-confidence. This will be a tricky one and nothing I can somehow just “do” and get it off my list quickly. The reason for this one to be here is that I feel it’s the number one thing stopping me from going further in terms of work. There’s always that “voice” saying “Perhaps I need one more year before I’m at the level of quality I want to be before I contact this client…” or before I do this or that, usually involving contacting someone and promoting my services as a professional illustrator and animator.

This is what will really take me from “surviving” out of a career in illustration to actually “live” from it.

2- Finish some… or at least one, let’s be realistic here… unfinished project.  I have a tendency to say yes to everything, but this year I want to save some time to tackle projects that have been left behind and are consuming me with guilt and frustration. There are 3 big ones, so I’ll have to choose one and dedicate some real time to it every week.

3- Make some animated loops, just for myself. I suspect I’m running into trouble here (considering I just wrote point 2), but I’d really love to take some time every week to practice animation while allying it to my illustration style.

4- Add some editorial illustrations to my portfolio (I’m really pushing my time here… this list is getting way too long for all the hours of work I can take for personal projects during the year!). I’m afraid of being stuck as “the illustrator who draws cute characters”, so I’d like to have some more mature illustrations in my portfolio.

5- Travel somewhere exotic (by this I mean out of Europe). I’ve been itching to do this… and seems like it will happen soon!

Uff, that seems to be it. And what are your new year’s resolutions?

Merry Lazy Christmas!

Lazy Christmas by Carolina Buziio

I hope you are all having a very relaxed and lazy holiday time!

…And A Partridge In A Pear Tree!

1 Partridge In A Pear Tree by Carolina Buzio

And A Partridge In A Pear Tree!

Last day of November is here… you know what this means? Tomorrow is December and you get to eat advent calendar chocolates! (well, you should technically eat only one per day… but I wont blame you ;))
I’m curious to know, do you have a “countdown system” ’til christmas? Is it based on chocolates or something else?

(illustrations available as a christmas card on my shop:)


2 Turtle Doves

2 Turtle Doves by Carolina Buzio

2 Turtle Doves and 2 days for December to start!

Available as a christmas card on my shop:


3 French Hens!

3 French Hens by Carolina Buzio

3 French Hens and 3 days for December to start!

Available as a christmas card on my shop: