Christmas is coming?

Every year I promise myself I’ll only start listening to Christmas songs in December.

I broke my promise way too early this year…. October is a new record!

I do have an excuse: I’ve been doing Christmas illustrations and taking pictures of the Christmas packaging for my shop! (and I soooo love having an excuse!)

mugs_christmas postcards_christmas prints

By the way, if you have never bought anything on etsy, now is the perfect time! Etsy is offering a 5€ discount on your first purchase if you go through this link:

Happy Shopping!

The Sea Wolf – wip

(sneak peek! this is a bit of the final illustration… )

So, here is a bit more from the visual development of “The Sea Wolf”, which I mentioned in a post somewhat recently.

Ricardo Bessa is organising an Art-zine where the theme is “Portuguese Super-Heroes” and he invited several artists to participate.

The idea is to make up a character that is somehow related to Portugal… no clichés allowed!

I took a bit of inspiration from my great-grandfather who was a fisherman in a small fisherman’s village in Algarve, and a bit from my other great-grandfather who was nicknamed “Sea Wolf” (“Lobo do Mar” in portuguese) because apparently that is what you name someone who is brave (or crazy) enough to face the sea in a stormy day and save people from shipwrecks!

I then created this character… here is an intro I wrote about him:

“Sea Wolf”. That’s the name he remembers being called. Not his birth name, the same as his father, a fisherman in a small village in Algarve. He got that curious title from being crazy enough to face the strong waves in stormy days and rescue people from shipwrecks along the coast.

Twenty years ago, in a fateful night when he was trying to retrieve his wife and daughter from the raging sea, the waves claimed his life and no one saw him again.

Or did they?

There’s a figure, a stronger-than-human being, who is said to appear during storms and save those whose lives are held captive by the Sea…



Visual development, “Widow waiting”


Family Genetics and Ageing:



Character Lineup:




Deep & Beautiful

One day, I hope I’ll be able to do something as deep and stylistically mature as this short film:

(by Alex Grigg)

CardNest launched!

Hip-Hip-Hippo by Carolina Buzio for CardNest


CardNest launched and my hippo is on the website!

To celebrate the launch, they’re giving you 50% off your first month (even on stamps, if you live in the UK!). Use the following code:


Go to the website to know a bit more about the service and grab the opportunity to test the service for half the price!

CardNest – a new service coming soon!


I am happy to finally be able to show you this illustration! I did 2 more around the “birthday and animals” theme, but this is the only one I can show for now (it shows up in the pre-launch website)

CardNest is a service that (for a monthly subscription) will send you “Three exclusive greetings cards, ready to send, delivered to your door each month”.

The idea is that you always have cards to send when you need them, and they will always be different! From what I’ve seen they all look gorgeous and all the artists there are amazingly talented.

Check the website to know more details, read the artists’ profiles… and look at the gorgeous packaging! Their attention to details is inspiring. I’m looking forward to receive mine in the post!



Algarve, by Carolina Buzio

Illustration based on a picture I found online… for the visual development of “The Sea Wolf”, work in progress!

(I used to spend my summers in the south of Portugal… in a lovely fisherman’s village!)

Article: 3 Ways to Earn More Money from Client Work

The equation seems simple enough: if we want to make more money, we need to charge more for our work. Yet pricing is a fickle issue, wrought with our own psychological traps and misgivings.”

I must admit I don’t really love the title, but this article from 99u has several useful tips for freelancers, backed up with research like this one:

“Don’t present your clients with too many options. Sheena Iyengar, a professor at Columbia University, conducted a study at Draeger’s Supermarket on two consecutive Saturdays. On the first Saturday, she set up a tasting booth offering 24 choices of jam. Only 3 percent of the shoppers who tasted jam made a purchase. On the following Saturday, Iyengar set up a booth with only six choices. This time, 30 percent of the shoppers who tried the jam made a purchase. “

Check the full article here.

Under the Sea Collection

Under the Sea Collection of stickers by Carolina Buzio

There’s a new messaging app called “you&me app“, especially made for relationships (basically you choose one person to use the app with you). One of its features is the ability to use stickers in app and over photos, so I got contacted to make a collection of 12 creatures with the theme “Under the Sea”!

Here are four of my favourites for you to check the details:

Under the Sea Collection of stickers by Carolina Buzio


I went for emotions or states of mind associated with different characters… can you guess each emotion?

Crazy and cool animation by 2veinte

(can’t stop watching it!)

Wild & Woolly from 2veinte on Vimeo.

Interview for Brave the Woods


Can’t believe I forgot to post this interview here!

Brad Woodard made some pretty awesome questions, so it was fun to think about the answers. Go check it out if you’d like to know a bit more about my process or inspirations!