Check-In Energieeffizienz

Whether in a hostel or hotel – every guest wants to feel comfortable in their temporary home. “Check-in energy efficiency” is a programm by dena (Deutsche Energie-Agentur) to show that comfort and climate protection can go hand-in-hand.

The two films are about the exact same idea but one is for hotels and the other for hostels or inns.

Visual Development and Animation: Carolina Buzio Agency

Art Direction: dasprogramm GmbH


Hostel / Inn:

Character designs:DenaHotel_02_characterdesign by Carolina Buzio

DenaHerberge_02_characterdesign by Carolina Buzio


Inside the hotel:

DenaHotel_05_inside4 by Carolina Buzio

Happy Holidays!!

by Carolina Buzio


May the  out-of-key-christmas-carolling begin :)

Christmas Wrapping Paper!

by Carolina Buzio

Hooray, my shop finally has some cute candy-coloured wrapping paper based on my collection of “12 days of Christmas” cards!

The paper is opaque and sturdy (you wont see what is underneath!) with a semi-glossy finish and vibrant colours, and you can buy it in a pack of 5 or 10.

Check for more details and buy it here.

by Carolina Buzio by Carolina Buzio by Carolina Buzio

Npili School – Help us build a school for girls in Africa

It feels nice when you can have a project where everything is up to you: text, storyboard, character design and animation… but it feels even better when it is for a good cause.

Guinea-Bissau is a Portuguese ex-colony, and its GDP per capita is one of the lowest in the world. Its Human Development Index is just as bad. More than two-thirds of the population lives below the poverty line… so it’s not surprising that most girls there do not have a proper access to education: most of the times (72% of the times!) they cannot even go to school since they are supposed to help their parents at home (or husband, since 37% of them get married before the age of 18).

Knowing that improving girls’ education is one of the fastest ways of improving the economical growth of a country, it is imperative to give these girls in Guinea-Bissau what they most need: a school for girls, where they are taught by women, in a protected environment for them to learn and grow.

Npili School – Help us build a school for girls in Africa from Carolina Buzio on Vimeo.

Please support the campaign:


Promotional Video for a campaign to build a School for Girls in Guinea-Bissau.
Animation and character design by Carolina Búzio.
Sound Design by Paul Juggins.

Etsy Feature and Interview

Carolina Buzio, by Zoe Noble

Etsy published an interview with me and Theresa Grieben! If you’d like to see what our studio looks like. read about our process or about creative business partnerships, go here.

Thanks goes to Audrey Manning for the great questions and interview, and to Zoë Noble for the gorgeous pictures!

Integrating Language Learning into Daily Life

by Carolina Buzio

I did an editorial illustration for Babbel’s article about learning a language without actually studying (I should start following the tips to finally improve my German, hehe)

Thank you to Babbel and Katrin Sperling for this super fun assignment!

Heróica Fanzine

Sea Wolf by Carolina Buzio


Yay, this project is out!

You may now check the fanzine and all the amazing characters created by Portuguese illustrators, here:

A huge thank you goes to Ricardo Bessa for organising it and making that amazing cover with all the characters drawn by him (you should totally check his portfolio, his sense of layout, story and colour is impressive!).

…and this is the part where I shamefully admit it has been out for (caham) almost a month now. It even got mentioned in P3 (a branch from the portuguese newspaper Público) when it happened.

Oh, and if you’d like to read a bit more about the development of this character check my old post about it.


Barcelona – City of the Future

Future Barcelona - by Carolina Buzio

I’m excited to announce I did the cover for a magazine that just launched, ViewPoints BCN!

This first illustration you see here is the one used for the online version (see it being used here) and the printed version (has a different layout) was published inside Bloomberg Businessweek magazine.

Bloomberg1 Bloomberg2 Bloomberg3

Future Barcelona by Carolina Buzio

(detail of the illustration)

Client: ViewPoints BCN

Agency: Mucho

Obrigado – Pingo Doce ad

Seems like everything is starting to calm down a bit around here, and I have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to sharing the projects that are out!

Let’s start with this one that I showed you in my last post, the visual development for a “Pingo Doce” (supermarket chain in Portugal) commercial. The concept was “Nature says thank you (the word “Obrigado” in Portuguese) for using bio cleaning products”. Most of the ideas and animals to be used had already been decided but I got to play around with layouts, colours and textures to develop a style that was cute and sweet.

Pingo Doce "Obrigado" Visual Development by Carolina Buzio Pingo Doce "Obrigado" Visual Development by Carolina Buzio Pingo Doce "Obrigado" Visual Development by Carolina Buzio Pingo Doce "Obrigado" Visual Development by Carolina Buzio

All characters and backgrounds were drawn by me.

Check the video and more pictures in my portfolio.

Thank you to Jerónimo Rocha & João Miguel Real for the impeccable direction and animation!

Production:Take it Easy / Easy Labs

Producer: Frederico Serra

Animation: João Miguel Real

Post-production: João Miguel Real & Miguel Diogo

Production Manager: Bruno Caetano

Sound Design: Digital Mix

Last couple of months and a lot of sneak peeks

I cannot believe two months have passed since I last wrote on the blog! These last few weeks have been pretty full.

I was working on two(!) small children’s books with sounds… cannot tell you more than this, but here is a sneak peek from my favourite page:

Crocodile Playing Clarinet by Carolina Buzio

(I’ll let you know when they are out!)

I was also working with an agency in Berlin doing illustration and motion graphics for a recruitment ad (which is now online, check it here) , all before I went to Asia for a 3 week vacation!

Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, everything was so inspiring, I’m still daydreaming about it.

I doodled a bit and painted this with my iPhone while having drinks with friends in a bar:

Hong Kong Bar iPhone painting by Carolina Buzio

(curious to see more pictures of the trip? Check my instagram for some glimpses)

When I came back I was swamped with a bunch of amazing projects and collaborations but again, I cannot show you more than sneak peeks… so here are the last two I will show for now:

Underwater Whales by Carolina Buzio

A Place In Asia by Carolina Buzio

Can’t wait to share the full projects!