30 Day Drawing Challenge!

I saw in Sue’s Blog that she was doing something called “the 30 day drawing challenge”… and decided to participate!

here is the challenge (taken from this blog)… I’ll start Monday! Anyone wants to do it at the same time? :)

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  1. gosiarysuje says:

    Challenge accepted ! :)

  2. Elika says:

    def will try this starting tomorrow hopefully!
    btw congrats on ur pick of the week! ur illustrations are wonderful :)

  3. CBuzio says:

    yay! I’m glad I’ll have 2 people joining at the same time! it will help and keep me on track :)
    And 3 different styles of illustration, that should be fun to check as well!

  4. Sis says:

    So cool, can’t wait to see the results ;)

  5. Anieszka says:

    after while, but I will participate too :)
    I invite for my blog :)

  6. ScoutTheCat says:

    Hii!! I don’t understand Day 6. Does it mean draw a character from a book as you imagined them? Like, could I draw Albus Dumbledore as I imagined him, or do I have to do a character that isn’t in a movie?

    • CBuzio says:

      Hi there! Sorry that it took me a while to see this, I didn’t notice there was a new comment here!
      I think everything in this list is up for interpretation, so you can do whatever you think it means! I interpreted as : a character as I imagined from a book, doesn’t matter if there is a movie based on the book or not. Hope that helps! (btw, I did Hermione!)

  7. Randomgirl02 says:

    On Monday I wil show my friends this and they will hopefully accept the challenge to do the challenge with me and have a contest on who’s is better. Excited!

  8. Mario says:

    I have tried once, and honestly I failed it! Maybe it’s time to try again.

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