Day 8 – Favourite Animated Character

Here’s the eighth illustration for the 30 Day Drawing Challenge!

" Lottie ", by Carolina BuzioCharlotte La Bouff. I know I’m writing this most of the time, but… it was really, and I mean really hard to choose this one. Being in animation, I cannot choose based only in personality… the characters that have a very particular way of moving are the ones that strike me. Among many many many different choices, I end up choosing Charlotte La Bouff from “The Princess and the Frog”. The movie itself isn’t amazing, but this character… I just love her exaggerated way of being. Check here a clip to see why I love her:

ps: I don’t think I nailed her expression in my drawing, though… her character is sooo over the top that it’s hard to imagine what she would look like posing for a picture!

7 Responses to Day 8 – Favourite Animated Character

  1. Bruna Rei says:

    wow estou apaixonada pelo que fazes!!! Este está maravilhoso

    *desculpa apaguei, sem querer, o teu comentário no eu blog*
    fico sempre ansiosa pelo dia a seguir para saber o que fizeste hiiii

    • CBuzio says:

      oooh, fiquei mesmo feliz quando li este comentário! obrigada :D
      (não há uma espécie de “caixote do lixo” de comentários onde possas ir buscar esse que apagaste sem querer?)

  2. gosiarysuje says:

    I don’t know her ;) but she is lovely :)

    • CBuzio says:

      she is kind of the disney character taken to the extreme… all girly and pink and dreaming about princes and wishing upon stars! I like it that disney made her so over the top to make fun of their own stereotype :P

  3. Bruna Rei says:

    Pois acho que não. :(

  4. Elika says:

    haven’t watched tht movie … gotta watch it someday , she seems so sweet

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