Carolina Buzio

illustrator and animator


  • 02_deer_byCarolinaBuzio
  • 03_panning1_byCarolinaBuzio
  • 04_frog_byCarolinaBuzio
  • 05_waterfall_byCarolinaBuzio
  • 08_Sea_byCarolinaBuzio
  • 07_transition_byCarolinaBuzio
  • 06_planetEarth_byCarolinaBuzio
  • 09_Maria_byCarolinaBuzio
  • 10_Eduardo_byCarolinaBuzio
  • 11_Packshot_byCarolinaBuzio
  • 00_colourscript

Visual Development and final illustrations of characters and backgrounds for an animated TV commercial. The concept was “Nature says thank you (the word "Obrigado” in Portuguese) for using bio cleaning products".

Client: Pingo Doce

Direction: Jerónimo Rocha & João Miguel Real

Production:Take it Easy / Easy Labs

Producer: Frederico Serra

Animation: João Miguel Real

Post-production: João Miguel Real & Miguel Diogo

Production Manager: Bruno Caetano

Sound Design: Digital Mix