Carolina Buzio

illustrator and animator



úll is a conference in Ireland about building great products. They are redefining the concept of what a conference is, and in 2014 the designer and Art Director Kilian McMahon asked me to help with their vision: an immersive and personal experience, inspired by Apple’s new direction in design. The result was a conference filled with flat and colourful illustrations, where I got to apply my skills to several different challenges, such as:

— website headers and little animations (including a guy that would tap on an iPad as you’d sign up for the mailing list);

— labels for beers brewed by the amazing team of Brewbot and an apple juice label;

— hand-drawn type and illustrated scenes for the conference app created by the talented guys behind CreateGlide;

— icons to be used as t-shirt designs and stickers;

— and last but not least, 22 portraits of the speakers and organisation team that were sneaked into their conference packs as a surprise, and later included in a poster that people could buy and take home.

07_02_portraits_byCarolinaBuzio 06_05_app_byCarolinaBuzio 06_01_app_byCarolinaBuzio