Carolina Buzio

illustrator and animator

Npili School

Animation for an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds and build a school for girls in Africa.

Guinea-Bissau is a Portuguese ex-colony, and its GDP per capita is one of the lowest in the world. Knowing that improving girls’ education is one of the fastest ways of improving the economical growth of a country, the Atena Foundation will build an all-girls school in the capital where they are taught by women, in a protected environment for them to learn and grow.

Story, Storyboard, Illustration and Animation: Carolina Buzio Client: Atena Foundation Sound Recording and Sound Design: Paul Juggins

NpiliSchool_characterdesign_byCarolinaBuzio NpiliSchool_map_byCarolinaBuzio NpiliSchool_desks_byCarolinaBuzio NpiliSchool_university_byCarolinaBuzio